'Ridgway Rendezvous Throne'

I was very pleased to have been granted the opportunity to instigate and coordinate the Rendezvous Throne project in the lead-up to the Ridgway Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous 2006. It was intended to be a collaborative project that would involve the efforts of as many carvers as possible while still being open to individual input, and to offer freedom for personal and creative expression.

In the initial stages the awesome chainsaw talents of Dennis Beach were called upon to block out the basic form of the chair. A big log was pilfered from Rick Boni's wood yard at the Appalacian Arts Studio with consideration being given to the necessity that the resulting chair could sit the biggest of the big chainsaw carving men (and women) around … (excuse the pun LOL). After much discussion a basic initial design concept was agreed upon and with the unfaltering assistance of Robbie Boni and his lifting equipment … the blocking out by Denny Beach was achieved in under 4 hours time.

Next …I carved around the front of the chair … incorporated a not too cheesy 'Cheesy Chick' … and shaped the seating area. Soon Dayton and Michelle Scoggins hit town. As feathering is one of those finicky detailing things that Dayton is really really good at, he was put to work feathering the crowning eagle and to detail all three of the eagle heads (for continuity).

Zoe Boni was next to participate in the creation of the Rendezvous throne with a beautiful carving of a moon/sun face on the side … fingers of sun stretching across it's flanks. Upon arriving in Ridgway, Jason Eamons was delighted to get involved by carving the lettering into the inside back of the chair so that it would arch elegantly over the head of the sitter.

In the meantime I started on the footstool to allow easy access to the throne and encouraged the Squirrel to carve a sneaky little bear into its side. The Squirrel (Ross Olson) was to carve the beautiful squirrel on the front of the chair as well.

Josh Landry … one of our youngest carvers … carved the owl on the back of the throne while Dayton & Michelle Scoggins, and Greg Landry (Josh's dad), sanded the seating and carved areas … a dirty job that no one really ever wants to do. AJ Lutter then carved a mans face into the side of the throne and detailed the female figure carved by Angie. AJ was struck down with Bells Palsy before the Vous and the face is a self-portrait that will forever commemorate this unusual event in his life.

The Rendezvous Throne was moved to the Rendezvous site under the steam of many carvers where Jerilyn Renald added detail to the footstool and Denny cleaned up the base for further carving. After the Vous the throne was moved back to its home at the Appalacian Arts Studio where Trent Penrod and Julie Mitchell both spent time adding detail.

The throne is still not entirely completed and will be worked on sporadically during the following months in preparation for the Ridgway Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous of 2007. See you at the 'Vous' !!

Carvers who have carved on the Throne …
Dennis Beach … Wapwallopen … USA Angela Polglaze … Yarraville … Australia Dayton Scoggins … Mississippi … USA Zoe Boni … Ridgway … USA Jason Eamon … USA Ross Olson (aka: Flying Squirrel) … Missouri … USA Josh Landry … Maine … USA Michelle Scoggins … Mississippi … USA Greg Landry … Maine … USA AJ Lutter … Missouri … USA Jerilyn Renald … Iowa … USA Trent Penrod … Arizona … USA Julie Mitchell … Erie … USA

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Log selection process the top of the log is for the foot stool Robbie helps out Dennis batters away trying the throne for size trying the throne for size
Denny Beach ... carver extraordinaire Angie Chainsaw Chick Angie Chainsaw Chick Angie Chainsaw Chick Zoe Boni and Banjo
Dayton Scoggins gets to work Dayton Scoggins gets to work Dayton Scoggins gets to work Dayton Scoggins gets to work Zoe carves while Denny starts on the footstool zoe carves while Angie details the footstool