Cheesy Chicks

Angie's series of "Cheesy Chicks" are starting to attract collectors from across the globe. Angie has been carving her 'girls' for her entire carving carreer ... with her second ever chainsaw carving being her first Cheesy Chick way back in 1997. There are many more Cheesy Chicks on the horizon ... and get ready for the Cheesy Man series coming to you soon.
A sneak preview of the Cheesy Man series that will culminate in an exhibition titled "Men In Suits" can be found here

The term of 'Cheesy Chick' … as it is applied to my series of "Girl" sculptures … evolved during my first visit to the USA in 2002. I was having a friendly tease with my American peers regarding all the 'Cheesy Bears' that they carve and they retaliated by calling my 'Girls' cheesy chicks … and the term stuck.
I have always been intrigued by the figure in the history of art right back to the 'Venus of Wilendorf', and through to the likes of Michaelangelos 'David' and just about anything by Rodin. I am also rather partial to the Pop Art movement of the 60's, and the preceding 50's era of Cheesecake art created by the likes of Alberto Vargas, Zoe Mozert etc … and so, for me, it is an honor to be the creator of 'Cheesy Chicks'.

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"German Jailbird 2006" Cheesy Burger Princess Cheesy Burger Princess Cheesy Burger Princess 'Miss Relish' 'Miss Relish'
'Vous Cheezies 06' 'Mermaid in orange 06' Figure Head 2003 Me & Lamp Shade Girl 2004 Ruffles 2004 Ruffles again 2004
Girls 2001 Grill Girl Mermaid Orange Cheeesy Reedsport Frog 2004 Stolen Girl