Shapoor Engineer

Without Shapoor this website would not exist. So not only is he a hugely talented and sometimes witty carver … but he’s good at loads of other stuff too.  The site is in German but there are tons of inspiring pictures in the Gallery of his work … and don’t forget to check out the tour segment … fantastic.

Mick Burns

Not only is Mick a very dear friend, but he looks fantastic for 147 years of age !! (No, really … read his bio). An intelligent, warm and funny guy of great naughty wit that comes through in his work, and as one of the leading practitioners of this art form in the UK, his website is well worth checking out. It is full of fantastic info about carving, has lots of great pictures of Mick’s work, and has links to heaps of carvers from across the UK and beyond.

Chainsaw Chix

The only International Team of female Power Carvers ... Amazing !!


It was through this forum that I found the International Chainsaw Carving Community … & my life was changed forever !! Here carvers from around the world can resource off one another, share ideas, post pictures of their latest work and chat online. There are also links to various related websites and loads hugely talented International Carvers websites.