Cheesy Chick Challenge

The Cheesy Chick Challenge, established in 2004 as an annual event it is designed to be a little bit of fun and to encourage carvers to try something wacky and new ... to think outside the log if you may.

Cheesy Chicks are provocative and usually erotic ... but never pornographic or derogatory.

Cheesy Chicks are never victims and are always in their element, in control and having fun !!

In creating your Cheesy Chick remember to enjoy the moment. Sing a song. Talk to her and encourage her out of the log. A gentle mechanical spanking with the tool of your trade, and a positive demeanor, should suffice.

A splash of color never goes astray. And humour is all important. If you can make the judges laugh first, and then ohh and ahhh later ... you will be in the running.

If carved in the 3 dimensional shots of front, back and sides please. Relief carvings are permitted.

Timber and finishes to be used. All tools allowed.

Good luck with your Cheesy Chick.

Deadline for images to me for the Cheesy Chick Challenge 2007 ... is 1th April 2007 ... where-ever you are in the world.

jpeg images please.

Submitt yout pictures to